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BernadetteIt’s real, and yes, it’s really going to happen. Somehow there’s a sense of disbelief at the beginning of projects. There’s a great deal of uncertainty and a lack of confidence when you don’t feel you know exactly what it is you’re going to be doing. This impacts on how you participate in a project.

Our project team has met twice now (12/5 & 29/5). We’d hoped to have a bigger team but it seems more realistic that our small committed group will take part in the most meetings and we will call on others from time to time. Yesterday morning Julie (Julie Moore Department of Premier and Cabinet) and Anne (Anne Rauch Learning & Development Manager IPAA NSW) arranged a meeting with Aboriginal Employment officers from a variety of departments to test out the idea of the program and begin to invite their consideration of any issues that may need to be addressed. The engagement of the mentees was one issue raised, the cost to Departments of the program was another and also the access to computers by staff (I imagine both mentors and mentees) another issue.

I think people’s exposure to and understanding about what elearning is and what a mentoring program might look like is an issue that as a project team we will need to address both with our potential market and within our team.

I’m thinking that the audio story telling idea might be a nice way for mentees to learn about mentor experiences and that these stories could become an output of the project (obviously this would only be with permission of the story teller). Maybe mentee stories would be a nice thing to document as well, particularly at the beginning and at the end.

Do we really need to stick to the traditional model of matching one mentor with one mentee?

How might the difference in power impact on the mentoring relationship and mentees ability to participate?

Technology allows us to offer a resource of mentors to mentees and to use a variety of sharing and learning opportunities.

How might mentoring be different if we use the capability of Web2.0 technologies?

Instead of just offering a qualification to the mentors what about a qualification to mentees as well, sort of partner units. Consider for mentees:

For mentors perhaps:

This way the focus of the program is on both the mentees AND mentors which is more likely to ensure that the engagement of both groups is addressed through the design of the program.


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