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There’s already been so much work done on mentoring and engaging aboriginal people with e-learning I needed to tap into some of that background. Obviously speaking with Rhonda Appo and  Jeff Hunter was a part of this but I also wanted to access a range of other research and to speak with individuals involved in working with aboriginal elearning initiatives and on aboriginal mentoring programs in the public sector.

My first step was to investigate existing resources through the Framework’s earlier projects. I found lots that were relevant, the following are only a few of the many I  found helpful:

Some other resources I read in preparation for the program are listed below:

I was now ready to speak with people who had run Aboriginal mentoring programs, particularly in the public sector. I was referred to Mary Ciantar the Diversity Program Consultant for the NSW Department of Housing who took a lot of time to share her experience and knowledge. Her insights added greatly to the final product. Mary discussed the need for mentor support throughout the program and the importance of relationships and clarifying the expectations between mentors and mentees at the beginning  the program.

I was also lucky enough to meet Jill Jessop the Co-ordinator Aboriginal Program for the NSW Office of Fair Trading. I interviewed Jill about the Office’s engagement and support of Aboriginal Liaison Officers and her role within it. The OFT Program is not strictly a mentoring program, nor does it run across agencies, however as you will hear, Jill offers a range of insights that have emerged from their learning over the 10 years of the program’s existence. Many of the insights and tips offered are relevant to other initiatives directed at Aboriginal people, not simply mentoring programs.

Interview with Jill Jessop Part 1 (4:54 mins)

In the opening section of the interview Jill discusses her role as the Co-ordinator Aboriginal Programs and the strategies used in the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

Interview with Jill Jessop Part 2 (1:24 mins)

I asked Jill what are some of the staff issues that she deals with as part of the program


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