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Key Lessons from the Aboriginal Mentoring Program

Scott Campbell, newly appointed Duty Investigator for the NSW Department of Education and Training and graduate of the pilot Aboriginal Mentoring Program for the NSW Government summarised the key benefits of participating in the program in the Wordle image below:-  learning, building, growth and the importance of self discovery, culture and reconciliation.

Created with

In early December 2008 the Pilot group gathered together to reflect and evaluate the Pilot program to date. Whilst members of the pilot group – mentors and mentees, still have many months to go to complete their mentoring program the Pilot period was drawing to a close and everyone felt it was important to reflect on what had been learnt.

The evaluation considered a range of aspects of the online environment and the broader mentoring program, focusing on:

  1. content;
  2. access;
  3. visual appeal;
  4. support available;
  5. use-ability; and
  6. the Interactive Ochre Toolbox.

Some of the benefits reported by the mentees are:

Other mentee benefits include:

Benefits reported and comments offered by mentors in the program are:

In addition participants are more familiar and adept at using online technologies and have enhanced their transferable skillsets.

What did we as a project team learn?

Where to from here?

We will continue to enhance the program, learning from and improving the quality of the online expeience based on the feedback received from the pilot participants. The Institute of Public Administration of Australia (NSW), our parter for this this project, are offering the Aboriginal Mentoring Program for the NSW Government twice in 2009 – the first in March 2009 and then again in September 2009. For more details and to register please go to the program description on the IPAA NSW website.


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