Integrating Apps

Testing the integration of  iBlueSky, amindmapping application for iPhone, with the WordPress application. See if I can get it to work this time.
This is a simple mindmapping of my thinking around the use of mobile technology in our organisation.

Mobilise IT

As part of our E-learning Innovations 09 project we are wrestling with incorporating mobile learning into our current e-learning practices. During this interview I talk with Alex Hayes about why mobile learning was considered important to explore and some of the things we’re trying to achieve by using it.
The interview will be used as part [...]

First casting

More testing. This time we’re testing the mediacasting capability of the PowerPress Plugin for WordPress.  This is a rough cut of part of an interview with Nigel Paine. I asked Nigel why organisations needed leadership and here are his thoughts.
From the testing perspective I want to see how the whole shebang works. It’s very easy [...]

Starting again

This year Harris Bromly recieved another E-learning Innovations grant. We originally set out on a project aimed at using mobile technology in aged care however our partner was unexpectedly restructured and this meant we were left without a partner. So we’re starting again…
Objective: We wanted to continue to look at the use of mobile technology [...]

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