Starting again

Posted on October 19, 2009 by bernadette
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This year Harris Bromly recieved another E-learning Innovations grant. We originally set out on a project aimed at using mobile technology in aged care however our partner was unexpectedly restructured and this meant we were left without a partner. So we’re starting again…

Objective: We wanted to continue to look at the use of mobile technology and we wanted to add some media casting to our capabilities.

Our new partner, the Institute of Public Administration of Australia – NSW Division is also interested in using mediacasting with their members. The Project is a great opportunity for us to work collaboratively to develop new services and greater responsiveness. Together our aim through the Project is to develop mediacasting capabilities for students, members and teachers, to ensure a broader range of products and services are available and an increased opportunity for users to interact with our Programs.

This is our first test. I’m using WordPress for iPhone for the first time. I’m going to keep it simple, a little text and a photo. So here goes….


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