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Key Lessons from the Aboriginal Mentoring Program
Scott Campbell, newly appointed Duty Investigator for the NSW Department of Education and Training and graduate of the pilot Aboriginal Mentoring Program for the NSW Government summarised the key benefits of participating in the program in the Wordle image below:-  learning, building, growth and the importance of self discovery, [...]

Ethics on Video

The research told me that Aboriginal culture has a strong aural tradition and many aboriginal learners have a visual learning style preference. Therefore I wanted to use voice and visual media as much as possible throughout the program. As one of our topics is “ethics in the public sector” I thought it would be helpful [...]

The Approach

The approach has been to focus on relationships drawing on the cultural preference for community and sharing. An initial 2-day face-to-face workshop allowed participants to meet and nominate their preferred mentors, and to have a hands-on supported experience with the technology.
Elders and other respected community leaders have been key participants both in the face-to-face workshop [...]

The Design Emerges

An important consideration in the design process was to have a learning environment that was appealing culturally and suited preferred learning styles. Visual representations supported with audio learning material rather than relying on text alone was essential.
Our starting point was text that had the learning environment looking like this:

But, with the help of Teresa Leon for [...]

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