Choosing Technologies

Choosing the appropriate technologies was an exciting exploration. The actual learning environment was easy – Moodle was chosen because it is easy to navigate, could be customised without too much difficulty, and could handle plug-ins. Oh, and it was free!
A key criterion when selecting the plug-ins was their accessibility within the workplace. Other key criteria [...]

Launch – Introduction Workshop

The first Aboriginal Mentoring Program (AMP) for the NSW Government was launched with a 2 day workshop held at UTS Broadway Campus on September 18 & 19 2008. Twenty six potential mentors and mentees gathered to meet each other and begin their mentoring relationship. Here’s a short video of which captures the spirit of the [...]

The Journey So Far

With funding provided by the E-learning Innovations project, a project within the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (the Framework), Bernadette and her team have embarked on an exciting new learning opportunity – the development of an Aboriginal Mentoring Program. Its aim is to improve the learning, retention and progression for Aboriginals in the NSW Public Sector. [...]

The Chaos Ahead!

Lots to do, lots to think about! Planning this project means we need to identify all the stakeholders, research what has already been done for similar projects, think about matching mentees to mentors, choose appropriate technologies to engage participants online, develop appropriate assessment pathways, and evaluate, evaluate, evaluate! This mindmap says it all:

Learning From Others

There’s already been so much work done on mentoring and engaging aboriginal people with e-learning I needed to tap into some of that background. Obviously speaking with Rhonda Appo and  Jeff Hunter was a part of this but I also wanted to access a range of other research and to speak with individuals involved in [...]

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